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The TRADERS’ Cup confirms itself a launching pad for professional traders with the six well known categories Stocks, Futures, Forex, Option, Bonds and Certificates. After the competition a career opportunity can unfold TRADERS’ Cup is also a transparent competition: this is why besides making the public a list of the trades made by the entrants, at the end of the TRADERS’ Cup there will be the award giving in Bologna in January 2018 in an unique event with almost 200 participants. So there will be a 4 months competition (from September 25th 2017 up to December 7th 2017). This is all done under the watchful eyes of the public and the media. Our winners are therefore top traders one cannot mistrust. There is no doubt about their loyalty; they are frank and sincere as true champions must be. Everyone can touch with their own hands, look with their own eyes, with account books kept for everyone to see, and everyone can make sure and be true about who the top traders are. If this were not enough, everyone can make a profit out of the mutual exchange of experience. In fact, giving is only the first step to which taking will follow. But give-and-take asks for honesty, loyalty to one self first, and then to others.

TRADERS’ Cup 2017 Rules

1.    MISSION: TRADERS' CUP is a fair competition aimed to assess the skills in predicting / exploiting financial markets trends and to give utmost visibility to the best international traders. The competition is open to whichever brokerage house and to whichever trader in the world. This trading competition is organized and supervised by TRADERS' MAGAZINE ITALIA srl.

2.    BROKERS: There is no need for a broker to sign an agreement with TRADERS' MAGAZINE ITALIA srl since traders will update directly on the championship website their return figures providing evidence through either a brokers' settlement reports in pdf or a simple screenshot of their account figures. Anyhow if a broker wants either to use in its marketing activities the trademark "TRADERS' CUP" or to purchase promotional campaigns from TRADERS' MAGAZINE ITALIA srl or to facilitate its customers' participation to the TRADERS' CUP via direct weekly transmission of their accounts figures it is possible to sign a sponsorship agreement so that the broker will be qualified in the communication on the championship as a "sponsoring" broker. Otherwise the broker with which the entrant takes part to the championship will be qualified as "non sponsoring broker" (BNC).

3.    DURATION: TRADERS’ Cup is a trading contest with real money which will start at 8.00 am on September 25th 2017 and end at 10.30 hrs. p.m. on December 7th 2017. It is also possible to enter the competition after the September 25th 2017, but not any later than November 25th 2017.

4.    CATEGORIES: There will be six categories: Stocks, Futures, Forex & CFD, Options, Unicredit Certificates, Algotrading. The Stocks category will work on every stocks listed on international exchanges and it is allowed to make use of the financial leverage and to go short of stocks. In the Futures category entrants can trade the full and mini contracts on all international exchanges. On options participants can trade contracts on the following exchanges: Eurex, IDEM, Equiduct, CBOE, CME, MEFF, Nyse Euronext Paris. On the Certificate category participants can trade Unicredit certificates listed on SDX and Cert-X on the Italian Stock Exchange. In the Algotrading category all the orders must be placed through a mechanical trading system (Multicharts, Tradestation or API) and this must be clear under reasonable doubt.

5.    A CAREER IN FINANCE: TRADERS' MAGAZINE ITALIA srl will promote the winners of the Championship in all respects in order to assure them a successful launching pad in the financial arena.

6.    COMPETITION RULES: The minimum deposit to start with is € 1,000. If entrants want to take part to more than one category they will be requested to deposit 1.000 euro per category. Brokerage houses in the Futures category may decide to increase the minimum deposit depending on how much it is required as a margin. All standing positions resulting at the Championship termination will be marked according to the closing price of the last trading day. The competitor making the positive greatest percentage return as net profit in relation to his/her own initial assets will be awarded the title of winner for the category where he/she competes. At least 10 trades (opening and closing) should be performed during the Championship.

7.    HOW PERFORMANCE IS ASSESSED: Performance is worked out by taking into account the net profit reached (net of the negotiation commissions, tax charges on the capital gain, and each and every other expense relevant to the opening and maintenance of the account) and the initial assets (to this championship aim, for example, a profit of € 1,000 on a starting capital of € 10,000 will secure a 10% performance). In order to be able to manage independently the capital gain tax, in case it exists in State where entrants are fiscally resident, entrants will have to open a cash money account to start with at their own brokerage house. Profits considered for the standings are those that result as liquid assets from the account so that calculations are made independently from the fiscal point of view and therefore entrants must also consider the fiscal charges as a competitive factor. Once the championship has started, a competitor’s subsequent cash withdrawal, or any money put in at a later time, will cause the immediate eviction of such competitor from the championship itself.

8.    LOYALTY FOR ALL COMPETITORS: Each entrant will commit himself, according to the general civil rules to which all agreement obligations abide, to compete with loyalty and in good faith, and to comply with the regulations set by the national surveillance authorities acting on the markets they trade.

9.    THE WINNERS’ PROCLAMATION: Only the competitors classified first in percentage terms each Stock, Futures, Forex, Options, Algotrading and Certificates will be appointed as winners. Also those classified second and third will get an award. Entrant shall not, either alone or in concert with others, use his participation in the TRADERS’ Cup for promotional purposes unless approved in advance in writing by TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl. The entrant that will have made more money in absolute terms will receive from srl s.u. the award for "MOST MONEY MADE".

10.    TITLE: winners of the championship are requested for the following 2 years to make public use of the title in every public venue or event they will take part in order to promote the reputation of the TRADERS' CUP.

11.    REGISTRATION: Individuals of whichever nationality who are 18 years or over can enter the competition. It is forbidden to take part in the Championship with accounts bearing two names or with accounts belonging to a third party or likewise money owned by a third party. No fee is asked to enter the Championship. In case of a corporation taking part to the Championship the director will be the competing name or otherwise a different person could be nominated with a written notice to TRADERS' MAGAZINE ITALIA srl.

12.    PRIVACY: Each contestant can enter the competition with his/her own real name or otherwise make use of a pseudonym. Those who wish to be anonymous from the start can irrevocably give up to their anonymity by means of a written notification to TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl to be acknowledged as winners. Any winner opting for anonymity after the winners’ proclamation is not allowed indeed to use his/her title for promotional purposes. TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl will anyway reserve the right to reject pseudonyms which may in whichever way damage the TRADERS’ Cup’s good name.

13.    THE PUBLICATION OF THE RANKINGS: Ranking is based on percentage return calculated as net profit divided competitor’s initial assets. The provisory rankings all along the Championship are updated as far as the information comes in every week. All the entrants will be requested to update on their account open at the Championship website their return figures by Sunday at 24.00 hours proving a proof of their accounts figures (a pdf broker statement or simply a screenshot of the account key figures). These provisory rankings will be made public on the official web site by Traders' Magazine. During the whole Championship a provisional weekly ranking for every single category will be made public on the English language Championship webiste. All contestants entering the Championship will authorize the "sponsoring" brokers, in accordance with national laws on privacy, to divulge detailed or synthetic information relevant to their account position/s and the trades carried out.

14.    TRANSPARENCY: All the trades of the best performing entrants will be published at the final stage of the competition on the web site of the Championship.

15.    INSPECTIONS: TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl can exert its power to inspect the contestants’ accounts and have the right to ask entrants to give access to their accounts via TEAM VIEWER in order to gauge directly the real trades performed and the real net liquidation value. This inspection will be requested with 7 days notice and can be accomplished both by TRADERS' MAGAZINE ITALIA srl' representatives or by a delegated professionals (lawyers and accountants). According to the Italian law on privacy the Championship’s competitors with the registration itself to the competition are giving their consent to their own account inspections at any time, and for whatsoever reason, by TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl. Should any contestant taking part in the Championship deny or withdraw his/her consent to inspection, this will nullify the application entered and that competitor will be immediately evicted from the competition with no right whatsoever to appear on the final standing. At TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl own discretion in case of competitors who appear to carry out trades of doubtful validity they may be banned from the competition, or some of their trade may likewise be invalidated.

16.    JUDGE OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP: Promoter of the Championship is TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl. Its aim is to survey the Championship and, in case, inflict possible sanctions or, should it think appropriate, resolve to expel any competitor. All decisions taken by TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl regarding the transparency of the competition, winners proclamation, possible complaints are irrevocable and cannot be questioned any further.

17.    LIMITATIONS TO THE TITLE USE: The Championship’s contestants, the competing brokers and all other sponsors will acknowledge that “ TRADERS’ Cup®” and "Top Trader di Borsa®" are regularly registered international trademarks and are owned solely the former by TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl and the latter by srl s.u. No competitor can on their own initiative, or with someone else’s accord, make use of their participation to the 2017 TRADERS’ Cup for promotional aims unless authorised in writing by TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl. Such authorization, released free of charges, is necessary to avoid every title misuse for concurrent activities leading to damaging or spoiling the Championship’s good name.

18.    LAW RULES AND REGULATIONS: TRADERS’ Magazine Italia srl reserves the right to modify each single point of these rules either before or during the Championship’s whole length of time. The Court competent for the Championship is the Civil Court of Rome (Italy).